About & Support

Based in Vancouver, the AgentGPT team consists of three enthusiastic individuals – Asim, Adam, and Srijan – who share a passion for AGI and open-source projects. They are currently working on the development of Agent-GPT, an innovative open-source project that enables users to deploy GPT-3.5 and other large language models as autonomous agents.

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These AI agents can perform tasks, communicate, process data, automate repetitive tasks, make decisions, adapt, and be customized to specific needs, offering immense potential for innovation in various domains.

Having launched in early April 2023, the AgentGPT team is excited to have already gained 15 000 users. However, they face challenges in scaling up due to costs associated with their in-house API for OpenAI and other infrastructure expenses, which currently amount to around $1000 USD per day.

The current stats, as of July 2023 are: 24,000 GitHub stars, more than 50 contributors, and a user base of 100,000 in its first week alone.

Sponsorship is crucial for driving progress and growth in the Agent-GPT project by covering operational costs, scaling up resources, and enhancing features and functionality.

Where to follow the development?

As an open-source project, AgentGPT invites contributions from those interested in developing and debugging the platform. The team encourages interested individuals to join their Discord channel to assist with the project’s growth. Sponsorship is also greatly appreciated as it helps to further improve and advance the project.

The AgentGPT team is grateful for the community’s support and is committed to being proudly open-source.

They welcome feedback on everything from creative ideas to code and design. The team will update the project’s documentation to provide clear guidance on how to contribute to AgentGPT, and they encourage designers, developers, and other contributors to reach out to them on GitHub or Discord.

The AI innovators and creators of AgentGPT: Adam Watkins, Asim Shrestha and Srijan Subedi.