AgentGPT FAQ – Most Commonly and Frequently Asked Questions. Diving into the world of AgentGPT can spark a plethora of questions for both new and experienced users. Reworkd team has compiled a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions related to AgentGPT.

These queries cover topics such as API key issues, agent concerns, differences between AgentGPT and other AI platforms, and local contribution challenges. For any unanswered questions, our readers are encouraged to connect with the moderation or dev team on Discord or GitHub for further assistance.

AgentGPT FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This text will cover some of the most commonly encountered issues with AgentGPT’s API key, frequent problems, miscellaneous queries, and project contribution challenges. AgentGPT is an advanced AI platform designed to enhance the capabilities of AI agents through interactions with websites and people. Here are the most frequent questions about this AI GPT Agent.

Where can I get an API key to start using AgentGPT?

First and foremost, create an OpenAI account by following this link. As a new user, you’ll be granted access to a free tier accompanied by $18 in complimentary credits. Proceed to the API keys page, generate a fresh key, and input it in the designated AgentGPT settings area.

Keep in mind that this key is meant to remain confidential and sharing it publicly is discouraged. Instead of being saved in a database, the key is securely stored within your browser.

Why is my AgentGPT API key not working even though I have free credits available?

When you create an OpenAI API account, you initially receive $18 in free tier credits. To verify if these credits have been exhausted or expired, check your OpenAI API usage page. Expired credits will be displayed in red, as shown in the example banner below:

If your free tier credits have been depleted, you’ll need to input billing information for your API key by visiting the OpenAI API Overview page. Keep in mind that utilizing AgentGPT for a few runs will typically only amount to a few cents in cost, making it an affordable and valuable resource.

Despite having ChatGPT Plus, why isn’t my API key functioning properly?

ChatGPT Plus and your OpenAI API key are separate entities. Possessing ChatGPT Plus doesn’t automatically grant access to the API. All accounts initially receive $18 in free credits, which may be used up or expire over time. As a result, it’s necessary to input billing information into your API key account. To add a payment method, visit the OpenAI API Overview page through the provided link.

How much does it cost to use AgentGPT?

Accessing AgentGPT is free of charge, as the team behind Agent-GPT takes on the API expenses. However, if you choose to use your own API key, the cost per agent deployment will vary depending on the chosen model.

Utilizing gpt-3.5-turbo typically incurs a minimal cost, amounting to just a few cents per run at most. On the other hand, gpt-4 is considerably more expensive, so it’s crucial to monitor its loops and costs vigilantly.

Please note that you can limit the number of loops and tokens within the advanced settings to better manage your usage and expenses.

AgentGPT has completed creating a file, database, or script – where can I locate it?

At the moment, AgentGPT is unable to generate outputs in the form of files, databases, or scripts. However, developers are diligently working on enhancing this capability. To stay informed about when this feature might become available, please visit the development roadmap.

Does the AgentGPT e-mail feature work? Does it send e-mails?

AgentGPT does not send e-mails (yet). Presently, it does not support this functionality, but it’s a feature developers are actively working to incorporate. To get an idea of when this might become available, please consult the development roadmap. Once implemented, developers will ensure that actions like “sending an email” are validated and confirmed as desired tasks before AgentGPT executes them.

Why is my AgentGPT running out of iterations?

Due to API and infrastructure costs, developers are required to impose certain limitations on Agent-GPT’s current runtime. However, if you supply your own API key, you can extend the number of loops your Agent GPT performs by adjusting the advanced settings within the settings menu.

AgentGPT output is getting cut off, Why?

Because of token usage. The cost of generating an output increases as its length grows. To mitigate this issue, we have implemented a cap on output length, which can result in the truncation of lengthy messages.

However, if you supply your own API key, you can modify the output length by adjusting the number of tokens within the advanced settings of the settings menu.

How to save my GPT agents when running AgentGPT locally on my device?

When running AgentGPT locally you’ll need to enable authentication. It does require some extra work – a guide on how to do that will be added soon. In short, what you’ll need to do is to have a database set up. Once set up, it will need to be connected to one of the authentication providers and set the next auth callback URL accordingly.

AgentGPT was executing tasks well, but it suddenly stopped! Is it possible to resume from where it was interrupted?

Not yet. At present, all Agent runs operate independently, making it impossible to resume a previous session. However, developers plan to introduce this feature in the future. In the meantime, you can initiate a new AgentGPT run using the information generated during the previous run. To stay informed about when this capability might become available, please monitor the development roadmap.

Can I get AgentGPT to use GPT-4?

Yes, if you input your own GPT-4 API key. AgentGPT presently employs GPT-3.5 owing to cost and accessibility factors. However, if you have API access to GPT-4, you can enter your own API key in the settings menu and choose GPT-4 as your preferred model.

Despite having ChatGPT Plus, why am I unable to utilize GPT-4?

It’s important to note that ChatGPT Plus operates independently of your OpenAI API account’s ability to access GPT-4. Regrettably, access to GPT-4 through our API key account is subject to a waitlist. If you’d like to join the waitlist, please apply for your account through the following link: GPT-4 API waitlist.

What is the difference between AgentGPT and ChatGPT ?

AgentGPT is built upon ChatGPT methodology . More specifically, ChatGPT is a useful tool that provides answers to specific questions. In contrast, AgentGPT serves as a platform for AI agents , enabling users to configure an agent to achieve a broad goal. The agent will then think and perform tasks automatically to accomplish the specified objective.

What is the difference between AutoGPT and AgentGPT?

What is the difference between AgentGPT and AutoGPT? Both AgentGPT and AutoGPT are projects involving autonomous AI agents. AutoGPT is a tool that one runs locally while AgentGPT is primarily a web-based platform. However, thanks to CyberCo, you can also set up AgentGPT locally on your device – read here how.

What can AgentGPT do? What are its capabilities?

AgentGPT is a highly versatile platform with a diverse set of capabilities. Its functionalities include allowing AI agents to interact with websites and people and enhancing their abilities via self-tasking and self-learning iterative processes. AgentGPT is a powerful autonomous AI task solver .

Can AgentGPT access the Internet?

Not yet – but its Web Search feature is being built out. Coming soon.

How to set up AgentGPT on my computer?

Follow our guide on setting up and deploying AgentGPT directly from your device. Check it out and learn how to deploy GPT Agent from your own computer.